Artist: Wood Grant America 1891 to 1942





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Award Wood was an American painter who was born in Iowa in 1891 and passed on in 1942. He is well known for his scenes depicting country American culture in the midwest. His most famous painting is “American Gothic,” which includes an elderly person and man standing before a house holding a pitchfork. In 1913 he moved to Chicago to learn at the Art Institute there; there, he filled in as a silversmith. He ventured out to Europe to investigate impressionist and post-impressionist work yet later found that the most influential craftsman to his style would be the fifteenth-century Dutch painter Jan van Eyck. In 1932 Wood established the Stone City Art Colony, which helped specialists suffering from the devastating Great Depression that hit America. In 1934 Wood turned into a fine artistry teacher at the University of Iowa. During that time, he was determined to have malignant pancreatic growth and passed on the day preceding his 51st birthday.