Artist: Vermeer Jan Netherlands 1632 to 1675





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Jan Vermeer was born in Delft, Holland. Vermeer was a Dutch painter who dominated in portraying agreeable interior scenes formed with numerical clearness and suffused with cool, gleaming light. Vermeer painted next to no for the public craftsmanship market; the vast majority of his roughly 40 paintings were created for those supporters who especially esteemed his work. Vermeer is experimenting with light; brilliant light comes from someplace adjacent to or behind the material. Adornments sparkle pleasingly in the daylight; wet lips, splendid eyes get the light; reflections from window glass, cooking wares fall on surrounding objects, creating an environment of harmony and peacefulness. Vermeer favored cool tones of blue, white, and yellow. Other than painting, Vermeer likewise functioned as a craftsmanship vendor.