Artist: Verboeckhoven Eugene Joseph Belgium 1798 to 1881





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Eugene Joseph Verboeckhoven was born in Belgium, a famous painter and printmaker. He started drawing as a little youngster. His initial longing to turn into a stone worker In 1815, his family moved to Ghent, where he went to the Academie from 1816 to 1818, upheld by the artist Albert voituron and later by a Ghent supporter, Ferdinand van der haegen. From 1818 he was a student of Balthasar-paul Ommegang, from whom he soaked up the old-style scene custom that informed the most extraordinary aspect of his work, like a scene with cows and a cowherd by a tree. Various paintings from this period, for instance, the halting-place. He attacked contemporary authenticity in Verboeckhoven’s work. Verboeckhoven deserted the human figure to deliver trite yet mainstream pictures of sheep, steers, and jackasses. These creatures take on human qualities in his vocation and are reminiscent of average pictures of the time.