Artist: Rochegrosse Georges Antoine France 1859 to 1938





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Georges Rochegrosse was brought into the world in Versailles in 1859. Abandoned by his father as a little child, he was raised by his mother and her ensuing companion, the craftsman Theodore de Banville, who familiarized him in front of the timetable with the innovative and insightful Parisian top-notch. He took his first material classes with Alfred Dehodencq, an old mate of his movement father. Developed 12, he entered the Julian Academy and moved in Jules and Gustave Boulanger’s studios, in this way tolerating tutoring both scholarly and current. Later he would transform into a drawing teacher himself. Then, he got into the Beaux-Arts Academy. In 1882, he presented work at the Salon, Vitellius hailed by people in the streets of Rome (Museum of Sens), and was allowed an embellishment.