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Joseph Kleitsch was born in Banat, Hungary, in 1882 and kicked the bucket in America in 1931. He was an American-Hungarian Impressionist painter. At the young age of seven, he began painting, and when he was more seasoned, he sought after his profession in expressions of the human experience by first studying in Budapest, Munich, and Paris. In 1920, at age 38, he moved to America and got comfortable in Los Angeles, California. There he joined the California School of Artists and the local area of Laguna Beach. He was a plain-air painter. His subjects mainly comprised the ocean and scenes; even though he had an affinity for representation and figure painting, he zeroed in additional on American land after his turn. Kleitsch has been named the “expert of exquisite tone,” In 1933, Arthur Miller wrote in the Los Angeles Times: “Kleitsch was a born colorist; he appeared to play on material with the relinquish of a wanderer violinist.” He won numerous honors during his lifetime, including the Gold Medal from the Art Institute of Chicago, Silver Medal from the Painters’ and Sculptors Club, and the Laguna Beach Art Association’s Grand Prize. Lamentably, Kleitsch passed on at the young age of 49 in California in 1931. His works are as yet shown in a few prestigious foundations around the world.