Artist: Zorn Anders Sweden 1860 to 1920





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Anders Leonard Zorn was born in Yvraden, Sweden, in 1860 and kicked the bucket in 1920. He was an internationally fruitful Swedish painter, artist, and printmaker. Zorn was raised on a ranch claimed by his grandparents, where his affection for nature sprang from. For a very long time, he learned at the Royal Swedish Academy of Arts in Stockholm. After graduation, he regularly headed out to London, Paris, Italy, Spain, and the United States. During his exhaustive voyages, his distinction as an internationally acclaimed craftsman developed. His initial work comprised splendid, luminescent subjects painted in watercolor, yet ultimately, he changed to oils as a more prosperous, full-bodied medium. Zorn supported pictures and figurative work and painted a broad scope of scenes depicting rural life and customs.