Artist: Weeks Edwin Lord America 1849 to 1903





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Edwin Lord Weeks was born close to Boston. He headed out to Paris, where he concentrated with Leon Bonnat and Jean-Leon Gerome at the Ecole des Beaux-Arts. Weeks, as Gerome, was interested in Oriental topic, and as an understudy, gone to North Africa, Spain, and the Middle East. His paintings in the 1870s copied Gerome, and his painting Departure from the Stronghold would be commonplace of the style he supported during this time. His paintings became more specialized and definite, as in The Gate at the Fortress of Agra. Paris was his base during the 1880s; he showed India’s paintings at the Salon of 1884, where he got positive acknowledgment and, before long, accomplished public recognition. He continued to make painting undertakings to Persia, Turkey, and India. He got an honor during his international profession, and he had a place with a few artistry associations, including the Boston Art Club and the Paris Society of American Painters.