Artist: Velazquez Diego Rodriguez de Silva Spain 1599 to 1660





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Diego Rodriguez de Silva y Velázquez por Diego Velazquez was born in Seville, Andalusia, Spain, in 1599 and kicked the bucket in 1660. He was a flamboyant Spanish painter who was the lead craftsman in King Philip IV’s court. His paintings range from recorded and social scenes, hardly any paintings, and numerous show-stopper pictures. His payments include those from the Spanish imperial family and other aristocrats and eminent figures of that time. Velazquez’s work was utilized as a model for the nineteenth century impressionists and pragmatists; his strategy was viewed as painterly and expressive for his time. His illustrious appointment with King Philip IV empowered Velazquez to get away from the oversight of the Inquisition and seek after the opportunity of imaginative articulation in the royal court. After his final re-visitation of Madrid, Spain, he became sick with a fever. On August 6, 1660, he kicked the bucket and was covered. After eight days, his better half passed on and was covered close to him.