Artist: uwasseg Charles Euphrasie France 1838 to 1904





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Charles-Euphrasie Kuwasseg was the child of the Austrian painter Karl-Joseph Kuwasseg. Initially, Charles trained and worked with his dad; however, he later turned into a mariner and voyager worldwide. On his re-visitation of France in 1883, he started his formal imaginative training and concentrated under Jean-Baptiste Durand-Brager and d’Isabeyd’Isabey. Charles worked in painting scenes of the Breton and Normandy coast, seascapes of the North Sea, and locations of Paris’ edges. He teamed up with the craftsman Thã©ophile Poilpot on a progression of various scenes. Kuwasseg displayed at the “Salon des Artistes Franais” from the beginning in his vocation and won a second-rate class award in 1892. Later he turned into a craftsmanship educator, teaching such striking students as Iwill and Emile Clarel. Kuwasseg’s sensitive yet solid style was exceptionally esteemed during his lifetime, and his peers viewed him as probably the finest craftsman of his type.