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John Byam Liston Shaw, also called Byam Shaw, was brought into the world in Madras, India, in 1872 and kicked the bucket in 1919. He was a British painter, artist, originator, and instructor. At six years old, he and his family moved back to England and got comfortable Kensington. In the wake of seeing 15-year-old Shaw’s work, John Everett Millais suggested he go to St. John’s Art School. In 1890 Shaw learned at the Royal Academy. Shaw’s work covers an assortment of mediums from oils to watercolor, ink, and even colors. His subjects likewise went from the theater, folklore, and class scenes. In 1899 Shaw wedded the craftsman Evelyn Eunice Pyke-Nott, had five kids, including the entertainer and chief Glen Byam Shaw and the artistry history specialist Jim Byam Shaw.