Artist: Scheffer Ary Netherlands 1795 to 1858





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Ary Scheffer was brought into the world in Dordrecht, the Netherlands, in 1795 and passed on in 1858. He was a Dutch painter of the religious topic and French, Dutch, and German sort scenes. At a young age, his dad kicked the bucket, and his family got poor. His mom, who was also a painter and a little girl of a painter, chose to take him to Paris for legitimate instruction at Pierre-Narcisse Guerin’s studio. During that time, the imaginative style was Romanticism, yet Scheffer didn’t take to it at all, so he built up his kind, which has been alluded to as “chillingly traditional.” Scheffer generally painted subjects from writing, exceptionally crafted by Dante, Byron, and Goethe, just like numerous Bible scenes.