Artist: Robert Hubert France 1733 to 1808





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Hubert Robert canvases depicted perspectives on the old style and contemporary engineering and were hugely well known during his lifetime. Robert was most famous for his artworks of ruins, blending a dream and verifiable exactness. His tremendous, disintegrating landmarks of a frequently fanciful past procured him the epithet, “Robert des Ruines” (Robert of the Ruins). Hubert Robert was conceded to the Acadacmie Royale, where he displayed his artistic creations at the Paris Salon. Notwithstanding showing remnants, engineering, and scenes of Italian inference, Robert additionally portrayed his local France. His perspectives on Paris are among his most geographically exact. In 1778, he was granted renowned lodgings in the Louver, where he lived until 1802. He was momentarily detained during the French Revolution yet proceeded to paint and draw until his demise in 1808.