Artist: Redoute Pierre Joseph Belgium 1759 to 1840





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Pierre-Joseph Redoute was brought into the world in Saint-Hubert, Belgium, in 1759 and passed on in 1840. He was a painter and botanist who capably delineated a wide range of plant and blossom species, generally utilizing watercolors. He was necessary for Queen Marie Antoinette’s court and was adequately lucky to paint right through the French Revolution and the Reign of Terror. So blessed that after political quiet, he became universally known for his realistic portrayals of lilies, roses, and plants. He was given the title “The Raphael of Flowers.” After three years, at age 66, he turned into a Chevalier of the Legion d’honneur. Presumably, Redoute achieved numerous accomplishments with his work as a botanist and painter. However, maybe what was most impressive was his capacity to beat progressive political emergencies without an extraordinary battle and his endurance and accomplishment under such countless distinctive political systems.