Artist: Redon Odilon France 1840 to 1916





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Odilon Redon, the French symbolist, was officially known as Bertrand-Jean Redon. The name Odilon was taken from a moniker his mom gave him as a youngster. He was born in Bordeaux, Aquitaine in France in 1840 and kicked the bucket in 1916. After his yearning to turn into a planner failed to work out, he took up design, in the long run turning into one of the best symbolist painters, printmakers, skechers, and pastellists. His work is frequently depicted as magical, strange, and mixed up. In the book “Specialists on Art” by Goldwater, Redon portrays a piece: “My drawings rouse, and are not to be characterized. They place us, as makes music, in the uncertain domain of the dubious.”