Artist: oester Alexander Germany 1864 to 1932





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Alexander Koester turned into a trainee pharmacist in Wintzenheim, close to Colmar. In the wake of finishing his apprenticeship, he was selected at the Karlsruhe foundation to concentrate under Carl Hoff and Claus Meyer. In 1889 Koester voyaged widely and mainly while walking the Inn and Oetz valley, creating numerous representations, the reason for a progression of type paintings. As of now, as an understudy, Koester acquired his job with picture commissions. During this time, he went interestingly to Klausen in Southern Tyrol, where he would later settle. Yet, he got back to Karlsruhe for the present, where he committed himself to type painting and added to various shows. He found a subject that would distract him for an additional thirty years: the duck. He delivered reflecting surfaces and duck’s quills shimmering in shadow and light, reminiscent of late-impressionism.