Artist: Newman Henry Roderick America 1833 to 1918





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Henry Roderick Newman was brought into the world in Easton, New York, in 1833 and kicked the bucket in Italy in 1918. He was a self-educated engineer, sce,ne, and flower painter. At age 39 out of 1872, Newman moved to Florence, Italy. There he contemplated painting and investigated the social design and popular show-stoppers. Newman’s work was impacted by John Ruskin’s scene and nature canvases. While his versions of scenes and flower structures were not broadly acknowledged, he changed to painting Italian engineering and turned out to be progressively fruitful with that fine art. As an American painter in Europe, he found real success and kept going through Europe, Egypt, and Japan. He kept artistic creation engineering as his principal center and seldom returned to his previous style of flower painting.