Artist: mt Gustav Austria 1862 to 1918





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Gustav Klimt was born in Vienna-Baumgarten, Austria. Klimt went to the Kunstgewerbeschule des osterreichischen Museums in Vienna until 1883. He was the organizer of the Vienna Secession, the Austrian Art Nouveau development. His initial work, consisting principally of enormous paintings for theaters, was painted in a naturalistic style. After 1898, Klimt’s paintings advanced toward more incredible innovation and imagination, taking on a more embellishing, emblematic viewpoint. He continued to paint paintings, yet the cruel public analysis of the three wall paintings, Philosophy, Medicine, and Jurisprudence, driven him to focus on board painting. Klimt’s most popular works are his later representations, like Frau Fritsa Reidler, with their level, unshadowed surfaces, clear, mosaic tones and frames, and bent, curling foundation lines and examples. Among his most appreciated works is the arrangement of mosaic paintings in the Palais Stoclet, a wealthy private manor in Brussels.