Artist: Moreau Adrien France 1843 to 1906





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Adrien Moreau was born in Troyes, France, in 1843 and passed on in 1906. He was a most loved sort and authentic painter, artist, and stone worker. At a young age, he turned into a glassmaker yet, in the end, left that apprenticeship to move to Paris. In Paris, he learned at the famous Ecole des Beaux-Arts (School of Fine Arts) with Cogniet and Pils. At age 25 in 1968, he had his first presentation in the Paris Salon, where his work was exceptionally applauded. After his get back from the Franco-Prussian battle in 1873, his piece named “Show amateurs dans un Atelier d’Artiste” (Amateur Artist in a Workshop”) shot him into the public eye, making him a popular craftsman. He continued to display at the Salon and won numerous honors until he kicked the bucket in 1906.