Artist: Ingres Jean Auguste France 1780 to 1867





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Jean-August-Dominique Ingres was a French neoclassical painter and one of the first picture painters of the nineteenth century. His first craftsmanship exercises were from his dad, Joseph Ingres, a miniature-craftsman and artist. After 1797, Ingres was in Paris in David’s studio; he unfalteringly contemplated synthesis and human life systems principles. On account of financial issues, he remained in Paris till 1806; during the time frame, he executed a few splendid and expressive pictures; Portrait of Napolã©on on the Imperial Throne, Self-Portrait, Portrait of Mademoiselle Riviã¨re. The model on each painting is depicted for a vast scope and takes all the material space. Ingres was reprimanded for impersonation of Gothic bosses and Jan van Eyck.