Artist: Guy Seymour Joseph America 1824 to 1910





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Seymour Joseph Guy was born in Greenwich, England. He concentrated under Ambrosini Jerome in London and came to New York in 1854. He started to paint representations and met with progress; however, he later directed his concentration toward class pictures. He was chosen a partner of the National institute in 1861, academician in 1865, and was one of the original individuals from the American Society of painters in watercolors in 1866. His subjects are mostly scenes and incidents drawn from youngster life. He displayed at the foundation “The Good Sister” (1868); “After the Shower,” “More Free than Welcome,” and a representation of Charles L. Elliott (1869); “The Little Stranger” and “Playing on the Jew’s Harp” (1870); “The Street Fire” (1871); “Fixing for School” (1874); “The Little Orange Girl” (1875); “Money on Hand” (1877); and “See-Saw, Margery Daw” (1884).