Artist: Gericault Theodore France 1791 to 1824





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Jean-Louis Andre Theodore Gericault, also called Theodore Gericault, was born in Rouen, France, in 1791 and kicked the bucket in 1824. He was an amazingly influential craftsman, a pioneer of Romantic development. His most celebrated work is “The Raft of Medusa” Two of Gericault’s traditional instructors included Vernet and Guerin; both perceived his ability and insubordinate disposition as a craftsman. In 1810, at age 19, he learned at the Louver, where he monotonously replicated ace paintings. After two years, he started exhibiting at the Paris Salon; his work showed the influence of experts like Rubens, however, combined with the more current topic. After the achievement of his first painting, “The Charging Chasseur,” he painted a few investigations of ponies and their riders. His most eager work was “The Raft of the Medusa (1818),” as referenced prior. This painting depicted the consequence of the French wreck, Meduse. The disaster area was very outrageous as the captain left his team individuals to bite the dust adrift.