Artist: Fry Roger Eliot England 1866 to 1934





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Roger Eliot Fry was born in London in 1866 and kicked the bucket in 1934. He was an English post-impressionist painter and craftsmanship pundit. He studied at Clifton College and King’s College in Cambridge. After school, he made a trip to Paris and Italy to contemplate artistry. He before long subsided into his specialty of scene painting. He wedded the craftsman Helen Coombe in 1896 at 30 years old and had two youngsters. Sadly, Helen was analyzed as intellectually flimsy and focused on an institution where she remained for her life. Leaving Fry a single parent, his sister stepped in to help bring up the youngsters. He engaged with the Bloomsbury Group, becoming an individual from the influential club of distinguished British creators, specialists, and intellectuals.