Artist: Delacroix Eugene France 1798 to 1863





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Ferdinand-Victor-Eugene Delacroix was born in Charenton-St-Maurice, France. He was a student of the French painter Pierre-Narcisse Guerin. He started a profession that would deliver more than 850 paintings and extraordinary quantities of drawings, wall paintings, and different craftsmanship. In 1822 Delacroix presented his first painting to the significant Paris Salon display: Dante and Virgil in Hell. A strategy utilized in this fine art is unblended tones forming what a ways off resembles a bound together entirely and would later be used by the impressionists. His next Salon section was in 1824, the Massacre at Chios. With extraordinary distinctiveness of shading and compelling feeling, it envisioned an incident in which Turks on the island of Chios murdered 20,000 Greeks. The French government bought it for 6,000 francs.