Artist: Clairin Georges Jules Victor France 1843 to 1919





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Georges Jules Victor Clairin, or Georges Clairin, was born in Paris in 1843 and passed on in 1919. He was a French orientalist painter and artist. He started exhibiting in 1866 and went around the planet, painting the sights. He went to Spain with Henri Regnault and to Italy with Flameng Francois and Jean-Leon Gerome. He additionally went to Morocco, Egypt, and a few other oriental societies. His work includes his cherished companion Sarah Bernhardt, who displayed a significant number of his paintings. His work is non-literal, unusual, and even dramatic. Clairin is the uncle of painter Pierre-Eugene Clairin. He kicked the bucket in Belle-ile-en-Mer in September of 1919, living to be 75 years of age.