Artist: Catala Luis Alvarez Spain 1836 to 1901





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Luis Alvarez Catala was born in Helmo, in the province of Oviedo, in 1836. He concentrated since the beginning in Madrid at Federico de Madrazo’s Studio (1815-1894). Madrazo is a painter of the verifiable sort, gigantically famous in Spain and Paris. Luis Álvarez paintings were extraordinarily mainstream for the topic, exquisite scenes set in eighteenth-century outfits, and the rich tones and exceptionally finished strategy. He sent his paintings to appear at the top displays all through Europe, being granted awards in Madrid in 1862, 1864, and 1890, and in Munich, Berlin, and Paris in 1890. His paintings were pursued in Europe as well as of enticement for gatherers in North and South America.