Artist: Burne Jones Edward England 1833 to 1898





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Sir Edward Coley Burne-Jones, first Baronet (August twenty-eighth, 1833 in “June seventeenth, 1898) was a British craftsman and fashioner firmly connected with the later period of the Pre-Raphaelite development. Burne-Jones was firmly engaged with the revival of the custom of stained glass craft in England; his stained glass works incorporate the windows of St. Philip’s Cathedral, Birmingham, St Martin’s Church in Brampton, Cumbria, the Church planned by Philip Webb, All Saints, Jesus Lane, Cambridge and in Christ Church, Oxford. Burne-Jones’ initial works of art show the weighty motivation of Dante Gabriel Rossetti, yet by the 1860s, Burne-Jones was finding his own creative “voice.” In 1877, he was convinced to show eight oil compositions at the Grosvenor Gallery (another opponent to the Royal Academy). These incorporated The Beguiling of Merlin. The circumstance was correct, and he was taken up as an envoy and star of the new Esthetic Movement.