Artist: Beraud Jean France 1849 to 1936





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Jean Beraud was born in St Petersburg, a French Sculptor child; Baraud moved to Paris to finish his law studies at the Lycee Bonaparte. A short time later, he entered Leon Bonnat, where his artworks were welcomed with extraordinary excitement. He was also invited into the Parisian culture, accepting numerous commissions for paintings of art from celebrated figures, such as Prince d’Orleans and Prince Troubetzkoy. He went to a considerable lot of the night soirees organized by the well-known entertainers of the time and showed these scenes in his artistic creations. Firmly aligned with the Impressionists, Jean Baeraud would have protracted stylish conversations with his companion Edouard Manet. He frequented the equivalent cafés and theaters as Degas, Renoir, and Toulouse-Lautrec. His works of art are permeated with Impressionism’s soul; he seems to join this with the more traditionally acknowledged styles of the day to make artworks with exceptional character.