Artist: Albani Francesco Italy 1578 to 1660





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Francesco Albani was born in Bologna, Italy, in 1578 and died in 1660. He got known as an Italian Baroque painter. Accepted to emulate his dad’s example as a silk shipper, at age 12, Albani was blessed to turn into an understudy under the celebrated Denis Calvaert. There he met and became friends with Guido Reni, and together they joined the Academy of the Carracci family. At age 22, he moved to Rome to seek after an expert profession as a craftsman, in the long run satisfying many fresco commissions, including the exhibition of the Palazzo Farnese, the San Diego Chapel, the Palazzo Mattei di Giove, the Palazzo Giustiniani, the congregation of Santa Maria Della Pace, and that’s just the beginning.