Artist: Wores Theodore America 1859 to 1939





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Theodore Wores was born in San Francisco, California, in 1859 and kicked the bucket in 1939. He was an American painter who represented considerable authority in oriental subjects. He started his specialty training at the young age of twelve under the craftsman Joseph Harrington. There he found out about shading, synthesis, drawing, and viewpoint. In 1874 he was one of the principal understudies to enter the recently shaped San Francisco School of Design. After a year, he proceeded onward to Munich, Germany, and went to the Royal Academy there for a very long time. He headed out to Japan, where he painted numerous class scenes and scenes; those paintings were subsequently displayed in New York and London. He made a trip to Hawaii and Samoa, painting from his encounters there also. His most well-known piece is “The Lei Maker,” and it is displayed today at the Honolulu Museum of Art.