Artist: Raphael Sanzio Italy 1483 to 1520





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Sanzio Raphael was brought into the world in Urbino, Italy. He learned at Perugia under Perugino, whose style is reflected in his most punctual works of art, like The Crucifixion’. In c.1504, he went to Florence, where he was firmly affected by Leonardo and Michelangelo. He finished a few compositions of Madonnas, just as such functions as The Holy Family’ and The Deposition.’ In 1508 he went to Rome, where he delivered his most important works, incorporating the frescoes in the ecclesiastical lofts of the Vatican and the kid’s shows for the woven artworks of the Sistine Chapel. In 1514 he succeeded Bramante as a designer of St Peter’s. His last work, The Transfiguration’ at the Vatican, was almost completed when he passed on and sat at the top of his burial service casket. He was covered in the Pantheon in Rome.