Artist: Livni Dan Israel born 1935





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Born in Kibbutz Maoz-Haim, Israel. Graduate of Bezalel Academy of Art in Jerusalem. An individual from The Israel Painters and Sculptors Association, Sabbatical investigation at St. Martin Academy, London 1970-1971. International Summer Seminars at Reichenau Austria 1980 and 1981. Postgraduate studies at The School of the Museum of Fine Art, Boston 1986-1987. First prize at the Young Artists Exhibition in Tel-Aviv – 1964. First Prize at the Beer-Sheva Art Exhibition – 1965. A grant from American-Israel Culture Fund and Share Fund for youthful craftsmen – 1970. They have gotten the Haifa Municipality Lifetime Achievement Award in Art Education. Introduced in many one-individual displays in Israel, England, Germany, and the United-States. Dan Livni’s works include various parts of Nature, space, and human components. Dan’s paintings express the ongoing quest for character, and its importance to the embodiment of existence, embracing internal logical inconsistencies. He utilizes human and underlying themes that address culture and creation as they interface with components in the universe, such as nature powers ” “which together make an interaction of contention, development, and obliteration, battle and concordance ” “especially like the inner existential pith of the person.