Artist: Anderson Sophie Gengembre England 1823 to 1903





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Sophie Gengembre Anderson was brought into the world in Paris, the little girl of a Parisian modeler and an English mother. She examined picture works of art in her initial a very long time under Baron von Steuben in Paris. During the flare-up of the 1848 Revolution, she moved with her family to America, where she sought after representation painting. She wedded the British craftsman Walter Anderson and got back to England. Anderson’s method was fantastic, and she was very proficient at portraying textures and curtains with exceptional light impacts. Among her oil canvases were representations of ”Historical Collections of the Great West” by Henry Howe. In 1860 the couple visited Pennsylvania and displayed their artistic creations at the National Academy. While working for Louis Prang and Co., she delivered the famous ”Prattling Primrose” and ”Dotty Dimple” paintings.