Things you want to know : Why Reproduction Paintings are better?

Sunday, December 20, 2020 – by Moshe Ben-Herut

Thomas Emerton says that ‘Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time.’ Wow! What a great idea to collect art and lose yourself in its intricacies while appreciating and learning at the same time.

Art Collection 

Collecting art is a rewarding hobby, but one may have to pay through the nose. Well, that is a general impression and is valid up to a certain extent. When talking about paintings, everybody would love to go gaga over being the first to collect an original work of art. 

Did you ever think that the artist at any particular point in time is maybe creating only a single copy of his artwork and that there may be many takers to it at the same time? A single work of art versus many buyers. It isn’t easy to satisfy everyone for the artist, and so there came the only solution of art reproductions or the print of the same art.  

Art reproductions vs. the original work of art 

Usually, art reproductions are a copy of the original work of art. It can be a copy of abstract painting, landscape painting, or a contemporary painting. It can either be a drawing or an original print. Generally, art reproductions do not have any creative process involved, and they always exhibit a general idea of the art. They cannot make a person feel and experience the features of the original artwork such as textures, brush strokes, the play of the colors, the differences in lights, and the environments that evoke emotions in a person and speak to them. Original always remains the best, but the reproduction paintings are always preferred when it comes to a collection of art. 

Reasons why reproduction paintings are better?

Over the years, people have found that investing and indulging in art collection is satisfying and profitable. There’s a class of people that can afford to buy the original artwork, but in contrast, there is a larger class of people who appreciate art and would like to be surrounded with classic works of Picasso, Rembrandt. Durer, David Hunter, or Chagall.

There are many reasons why people feel reproduction paintings are better to collect. One of the main reasons is the price, of course, but the other reasons are :

Love of art : People often buy artwork to satisfy their inner desire of owning a masterpiece. At such times, reproductions of art are one of the best ways to quench your thirst for collecting renowned artists’ work. 

An emotional connection : People who collect art reproductions often feel that they have an artistic and emotional response towards a particular artwork. They may think that a specific painting makes them feel good and give them a sense of strong connection, which is the sole reason for them to buy reproduction paintings. These collectors indulge in the purchase reproductions of abstract paintings, contemporary paintings, or even landscape paintings simply because they feel that the paintings speak to them and are a visual expression of something they find meaningful.

Acquiring a preferred artwork : Many artists do not wish to sell their original masterpiece. Instead, they would like to sell out the art reproductions of the same original work of art so that they can reach a larger audience to get a more generous amount of appreciation. 

Simultaneously, it is difficult for an artist to keep on creating original replicas of the same masterpiece, resulting in a difference in style, texture, and colors marring the overall effect of the work of art. Thus, reproductions help keep the originality of the artist’s work intact for people to enjoy the work of the artist. 

Increasing value: A recent observation states that reproduction paintings, just like the original paintings, show an increase in the value as more and more people have moved to appreciating and collecting art. There are instances where people collect the entire series of the artwork of any particular artist, leading to an increase in the value of reproduction paintings. 

A way to learn the art : It is often said that if you want to learn painting, try to learn by copying somebody else’s artwork. Any student learning how to paint can always try to follow their favorite artist or painter’s work by copying the artist’s specific style. 

Easy to maintain : Reproduction paintings are always easier to maintain and convenient to handle as against the original artwork. 

What’s more, reproductions can be signed or numbered by the original artist. Now that’s a bonus for the art collectors. 

So, shop online for art reproductions or reproduction paintings of abstract paintings, contemporary paintings, and landscape paintings. Also, reach out to your favorite artists and find them on social media handles to buy a reproduction painting or print from one of their originals yourself.

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