It’s Time to bring the Historical Paintings to your Drawing Room

Thursday, October 15, 2020 – by Moshe Ben-Herut

How about having your favorite paintings, artworks, or art masterpieces being a part of your life, in your home, or your office? Every time the art enthusiasts visit an Art Gallery, they admire and wish to have those extraordinary pieces of art. But collecting such art is indeed wishful thinking, at the same time is costly to fulfil it.  

But what if, you can now bring this classic art into your office or your home and revel in the world of art or share your artistic taste and vision with your family, friends, clients, and colleagues?

Yes, we are talking about art reproductions of historical painters. We know original paintings, but what are art reproductions?

Art reproductions or painting reproductions are a copy of another work of art. A painting reproduction means a copy, and it can be a copy of any painting or drawing or an original print. There is no creative process whatsoever involved. These art reproductions are also called limited edition prints. They’re basically offset lithographs, which is a photographic reproduction process.

Interesting, isn’t it? And smart work too. Imagine if you would be spending time with your favorites like Vincent van Gogh or Claude Monet in your living room, appreciating the original textures, brush strokes, and meticulous attention paid to the minutest of the details. All of these combines to make painting reproduction almost indistinguishable from the original painting. 

Anyone wants to have tea with the Vermeers Girl with the Pearl Earring?

How can you distinguish original painting from reproduction?

Any art reproduction can be distinguished from its original work by examining its the production process. An original is handmade, while reproduction is a photo-mechanically produced work. They’re not original but are simply copies.

Nowadays, creating a digital image of a painting is useful to reproduce the work of art on any surface and any size. One can imagine a large sized portrait painting of Shakespeare or a miniature sized Mona Lisa.

Painting reproduction use a dot matrix pattern to carefully extract every detail of the original artwork and try to  be exact to the minutest of the detail. It may so happen that reproduction paintings may display certain features which separate it from the original.

The cost factor 

The cost of painting reproduction depends on the detail level and the type of surface for its printing. Again, a handmade duplicate or replica of the original work of art can be a bit costlier.


The artists signature 

In the case of historical paintings where the artists are no more alive, the replica of the painting or the reproduction of their masterpieces still have their signatures as the reproduction is a copy of the whole painting along with the signature of the artist and is not the reproduction of the painting only. Also, the artists need to permit using the replicas of their work of art for a stipulated amount of time. Thus, one finds a signature of the artist on every copy or reproduction of the artwork wherever it is used.

Get enchanted by masterpiece reproductions of Mona Lisa by Leonardo da Vinci in your living room, the Last Supper by Leonardo da Vinci fascinating everyone at the dinner table while the masterpiece reproductions of Pierre Renoir or water lilies by Monet with Gustav Klimts – Flowers and The Kiss inviting you to the bedroom.


Where to get art reproductions?

The art enthusiasts can now get famous art reproductions of these masterpieces by choosing them from any of the oil paintings reproductions for sale.

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Quoting Thomas Merton,

Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time.

Its time to bring Art reproductions of Historical Paintings to your home.

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