About Oil Paintings Gallery is the one-stop-shop for online art-lovers searching for the perfect painting to decorate their home or office. Our website is simple, fun, and easy to use. We have assembled thousands of the world’s finest oil paintings, ranging from European masterpieces to more contemporary works. Our staff of world-class artisans painstakingly reproduces all of our paintings by hand, using only the highest quality oils and canvas.
We commit to excellence in everything we do. We take great pride not only in the quality of our artwork and our competitive prices but also in the efficiency of our shipping process and our top-notch customer service. All of our paintings are quickly delivered to you at your home or business ready to be hung. Worldwide shipping is available, and all domestic deliveries are free.
We value our customers above all else at It is our goal to always satisfy our clients and exceed their expectations with our products and service. To get a sense of what customers are saying about, take a look at our customer testimonials below.
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Moshe (Moses) Ben-Herut

Moshe Ben-Herut
President in the News

Oil Paintings New York Times

New York Times – “Own Original Chinese Copies of Real Western Art!”
OilPaintingsGallery’s President, Moshe (Moses) Ben-Herut is interviewed by Keith Bradsher in an article that describes the market of oil paintings reproduction.
The article describes the amazing process used by for portraits and other oil paintings.
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Oil Paintings Forbs

Forbes – “Van Gogh, Outsourced”
In an article about the market of oil painting reproductions, Forbes describes the high quality of our products, the production process, and the reaction in the market.
Jerry Jones is a home-decoration hobbyist in Pasadena, Calif. When asked about the paintings, he says: “They are magnificent.”
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